Sunday, July 26, 2015

Auma Obama Wins Moments of Fame During Her Brother's Visit to Kenya

Obama's visit to Kenya was undoubtedly historic and many Kenyans welcomed it with great pride. The Air force One touched down at JKIA at 8pm Friday, 24th July, 2015. Dr. Auma Obama, half sister to President Obama was among the guests who lined up to receive POTUS at the airport.
When Obama finally came down from the plane, President Kenyatta was there to introduce government officials and some of his family members. Auma was the last person on the list and needed no introduction at all. When their eyes met, Auma and her half brother warmly embraced each other to the admiration of everyone at the airport and the millions of Kenyans who were watching on TV the historic visit homecoming.
Not many Kenyans even knew Obama's sister, but moments later she was given an historic ride in one of the most sophisticated cars in the world popularly known as "The Beast". Almost 30 years ago, she had received Obama from the same airport and gave him a ride in an old Volkswagen beetle. Now it was her brother's turn to return a favor and sure it came in a big way she could have never imagined back in 1987 when Obama first came to Kenya to find his roots.
Riding in "The Beast" gave her an instant celebrity status. Many Kenyans couldn't imagine any Kenyan would have easily gotten such an opportunity. They later joined the rest of Obama's Kenyan family for dinner.
On the last day of Obama's visit in Kenyan, Auma still got the rare chance of introducing Obama to give his speech. She took the opportunity again and didn't disappoint Kenyans.

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