Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seriously Cyrus – What about a YouTube Channel for Miley's family?

Be ready for style news as Miley's family now have an official YouTube Channel. You will get hooked to the social medial stories of this family courtesy of Miley’s sister, a 26 year old star in the making by her own right. “Truly Tish” is a web show, talk show of some sort, that will be hosted by Tish. You will also like Noah’s “Take 2” as the 13 year old and her friends experiment with some classic movie scenes. However, Miley’s brother who was featured in the promo video for "Seriously Cyrus" doesn’t seem to have a segment on the family’s YouTube channel not unless that happens later on. He has many tattoos many people would definitely like to know about. Whether Miley is to be on this YouTube channel as well still remains not clear. Her headshot is however seen all over the logo, so she may be available later on.