Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rihanna's Top News at the Moment Plus the Gossip

If the news from several sources are anything to go by, then Rihanna might join the judges panel for the US version of the X Factor. it is supposedly said that Simon Cowell wants her to do so whether as a Guest Judge or if too busy as a Mentor. This would really be good for the X Factor as it would have that super star feel and power it might have been lacking. Rihanna fans would definitely be happy for this news and hope she will finally agree to it and take a permanent position.

Rihanna who was not in good terms with her father sometimes back is also said to have finally forgiven him and showered him with lots of presents at the beginning of this year. I guess after this was one of her new years resolutions and it's definitely positive. His father earlier blamed for speaking to media after she was assaulted by Chris Brown could not help again to be back to the media and broke the news. He was happy to be on good terms again with Rihanna.

Since Riri broke up with her boyfriend Matt Kemp, it was recently rumored she could be having a same sex relationship with Nicki Minaj. They had apparently exchanged some tweets which suggested so and after Rihanna had said to some papparazi that they were sex partner (maybe jokingly). However, Minaj has later said she is not in such a relationship with Rihanna. It is perhaps the media that had taken it too far while Rihanna is known to ride on their rumors too. Do you think there's anything to develop in this line that can turn out to be true?

Tickets for Rihanna's upcoming tour in London are now said to be selling. Grab yours in time if you wanna be there.

Past X Factor Performance (Italian version)

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